In India, the sports industry is growing rapidly. According to Business Insider, the sports industry in India was valued at INR 5894 Cr in 2020, inclusive of sports celebrity endorsement, sports sponsorships, and media.

Eventually, with the market, the demand for sports management professionals is increasing in parallel.

Sports management professionals need to have job oriented skills to be able to carry out the required activities and functions that are related to the industry. Among students aspiring to study sports management courses, the UK is one of the top choices.

Students can pursue graduate and undergraduate degrees in sports management programmes across the top UK universities.

Opportunities After Studying Sports Management

The Indian sports scene is growing as more sports leagues are emerging in the market every year. What started with cricket (IPL) has found its way to table tennis (Indian Table Tennis League), Football (Indian Super League), and even regional sports such as Kabaddi (Pro Kabaddi League).

These leagues are garnering huge media attention, money, and fame for the athletes. Out of the total INR 5894 Crore, 62% is accounted for TV, Print, and Digital media.

The employment opportunity in Sports Management is growing as more sports teams, community-based teams, local sports organisations, and private clubs are being formed every day.

Moreover, the job field is extremely diverse and challenging, allowing candidates to build multitasking capabilities and expertise in various domains. Not only is the career option lucrative, but also entertaining and unconventional.

Sports management professionals are trained in business, finance, law, marketing, public relations, and sports science.

Popular Career Options After Sports Management Degree

Corporate Partnership Managers

As Corporate Partnership Managers, personnel will be responsible for developing long-term strategies and managing high-value corporate partnerships for securing multi-year strategic partnerships. The job role is to build new relations brands for collaboration as well as manage the old businesses.

Public Relations Manager and Sports Agents

The job of a public relations manager in the sports industry is to create and maintain a positive image for the sports and athletes they represent. They are assigned the task of passing on favourable information from the athletes/teams to the press.

Financial and Contract Analyst

Sports teams and franchises hire services of financial and contract analysts to maximise revenue and manage available funds effectively. Financial and contract analysts are responsible for analysing the expenditure requirements, vendor agreements, athlete salaries and pending contracts to ensure the company’s best interests and profitability.

Sports Statistician

The job of a sports statistician is to collect and analyse data of sports performances and turn them into sports statistics data by creating formulas using mathematics and computer programs.

From undergraduate to PhD candidates, there is plenty of opportunity for students from varied academic backgrounds. Even though an educational qualification is a prerequisite, but employers look for skills and experience in a candidate who is well versed in relational databases and statistical computing.

Sports Event Coordinators

Sports event coordinators are in charge of arranging transportation, creating contingency plans, maintaining the security of players and spectators, marketing the tickets, inspecting the facility, and lodging the team.

Best UK University to Pursue Study Sports Management

From undergraduate to postgraduate, the UK university provides a wide range of sports management courses in the UK.

Here are the top 5 colleges for pursuing sports management courses in the UK.

1. University of Edinburgh

Courses Offered: MSc Sports Policy, Management and International Development

Average Fees for International Students: £25,300          

2. University of Liverpool

Courses Offered: MSc Sports Business and Management

Average Fees for International Students: £18,000

3. University of East London

Courses Offered: MSc Sports Management

Average Fees for International Students: £14,280

4. Coventry University

Courses Offered: BA (Hons) Sports and Leisure Management; BA (Hons) Sports Management; MSc Sports Management

Average Fees for International Students: £15,000 for a bachelor degree and £17,900 for masters.

5. Northumbria University Newcastle

Courses Offered: BSc (Hons) Sports Management; MSc International Sports Management

Average Fees for International Students: £16,500 for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

If you are interested in studying Sports Management and want to learn more about the different courses and universities in the UK, book a free consultation with SI-UK today. Our specialist education consultants will help you choose the right course to study and advise you on application, scholarship, visa and accommodation.

Amit Gupta is an experienced SEO consultant from India. He has worked on different niche website.

By Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta is an experienced SEO consultant from India. He has worked on different niche website.

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