Teachers and students in colleges and universities have to face the inspection of the thesis. But
can you imagine that publishing a paper can be as easy as shopping online for some people?
The buyer only needs to pay the money in buying and selling papers, and the seller writes and
distributes the “one-stop” service. Behind such a “simple” operation, knowledge production
activities have surpassed the boundaries that they should have.

There is a strong demand in the market for buy essay online and selling papers, and doctoral
students buy SCI papers for job hunting.

Among the various standards run by colleges and universities, a thesis is one of the “hard
currency.” It is related to the promotion of professional titles and the evaluation of excellence,
and some of them are the basic threshold for entry-level teaching.

At the beginning of 2010, the media published a report revealing that the research team of
Wuhan University Shenyang found that the output value of my country’s trading papers in 2009
was as high as 1 billion yuan.

10 years later, how are the thesis buying and selling? The reporter got in touch with a party.
After graduating with a master’s degree, Liu Jin taught in a vocational school in the south. Now,
he and his friends are studying for a PhD at an overseas university. Due to the epidemic, most of
the time is online.

Regarding the purpose of studying for a PhD, Liu Jin is straightforward: to break out of the
siege and teach in a third-level or an excellent second-level school. The most critical part of the
“Four-Year Plan” for a PhD is “publishing SCI papers.”

According to Liu Jin, finding a job in public undergraduate colleges is not a problem with a
doctorate and the advantages of SCI papers. If you are lucky, you can also get a considerable
“settlement allowance.” In his calculations, the investment is “good value.”

At the beginning of 2020, after “a long investigation,” Liu Jin and his friends decided to buy an
SCI paper. The two co-authored and are the first author and corresponding author, respectively.
What they plan to buy is the “four-area paper” (note: the journals are ranked in order of impact
factor, this is the lowest area in the SCI), “the whole process is written and distributed in one
month, and it can be done for a total of 39,000 yuan before and after.”

Two months after paying a deposit of 5,000 yuan and a total of 10,000 yuan with friends, Liu
Jin received a journal manuscript notice, “However, it will take half a year for the official
publication to be published.”

In 2020, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued “Several Opinions on Removing the
Bad Orientation of “Thesis-Only” in Science and Technology Evaluation (Trial), and the
Ministry of Education issued “Several Opinions on Removing the Bad Orientation of
“Thesis-Only” in the Evaluation of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Colleges and Universities.
“The two ministries and commissions put forward requirements for the use of relevant indicators
of SCI papers, “the evaluation focus is on the innovation level and scientific value of papers, and
the relevant indicators of SCI papers are not used as a direct basis for judgment.”

Liu Jin found that “the abacus seems to be wrong.” Some colleges and universities have changed
the evaluation criteria of papers and no longer rigidly link SCI papers to teacher recruitment.
“The SCI papers in the four districts seem to have no advantage.” Originally planned to publish
another SCI, Liu Jin told a friend, “Forget it.” Because of the acceptance notice for the first paper
they had already received, they had to “bit the bullet and pay the balance.”

By Amit Gupta

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