If you plan to visit Australia with your family for a vacation, Parramatta in Sydney is one of the most historically rich places and has now become a home to annual events. Formerly, this suburb has been thrown off with a poor reputation. However, if you haven’t visited Parramatta before just put your speculations to one side and give the suburb a chance. Parramatta has ventured itself to recognition in changing and restoring its image. Here are some of the list that you and your family can do in Parramatta and will have you coming back again and again. 

See a Festival 

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If you have never seen a festival show before, try to check some schedule of shows from the National Theatre of Parramatta on the corner of the Market and Church Street. Last year they have showcased a very successful program which is a family-friendly show, including “The Red Tree” last October 2017. This is a wonderful activity that you can do with your kids if you like taking on extraordinary journeys to a world of imaginations. 

Visit Parramatta Park 

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Commonly, families living in Australia often visits Parramatta Park several times a week. For Australians, they do not only see it as a regular park but instead, those green spaces make them feel proud to call Sydney their home. You can take a walk or ride the circuit of the park with your kids as you enjoy the beautiful Rumsey Rose or Wisteria gardens. If you get tired or hungry, have some snacks and drinks in one of the lovely cafes overlooking the river. After that, you can let your kid play in one of the park’s three playgrounds. 

They have recently opened a very modern and eccentric playground that has gotten a great commotion, it is located at the Westmead end of the park and it’s absolutely remarkable. The Domain Creek playground is where your kids will have fun bouncing around the craftily disguised trampolines, climb an enormous rope ladder to access the very exhilarating slide, play digging in the sandpit, and create music with the wooden xylophone. You can barely see this playground because it blends really well with bushy surroundings which dismisses the traditional basic colors and plastic playgrounds. It’s best to avoid this park if you have your toddlers with you during weekends and school holidays as it sometimes gets crowded with older children. But generally, Parramatta park doesn’t have that overcrowded feel to it. The broad expanses of grass and gum trees can accommodate a very huge number of visitors. 

High Tea at the Gatehouse 

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You can try visiting the Gatehouse regularly for tea with your kids. This is a very relaxing and simple activity that you can share together. They offer an ‘adult’ high tea and what’s even more special is that they offer children’s high tea also. The Gatehouse greatly welcome young customers, they have children’s high tea for ‘tin lids’ consisting of fairy bread, a mini cupcake, juice, and other sweet treats. For a memorable afternoon, you should try their amazing scones, it’s Sydney’s Best! 

James Ruse Reserve Water Playground 

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Summer is here and the water park has just opened! Take your kids firing the water cannons and have them running through water tunnels. There is also a skate park, a large climbing frame, and a few picnic tables. You can bring your car with you because they have a car park off the street. 

Parramatta River and Ferry 

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You can take your family for a relaxing walk along Parramatta River from Church Street to the ferry wharf. I suggest you go there especially at dusk. Many families go here for a picnic. And if your kids get bored, you can stop at Riverside Park for an incredible adventure playground. For a more laid-back activity, you can watch the light and water show after sunset under the Barry Wilde Bridge. Or you can have a history class with your kids towards Harris Park which has a number of historical places of interest to help them with their Australian history at school. 

Lake Parramatta 

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You might be confused because Parramatta River is different from Lake Parramatta. The lake is not accessible from the train station unlike the former. You can locate it in a grand expanse of bushland in North Parramatta. You can go kayaking, swim in the lake, have a BBQ, feed the ducks, and simply go bushwalking. If you are not into picnics, they have a little cafe that you should try. 

Although they have a small playground, you’ll be able to appreciate it because they feature a special purpose-built swing for wheelchair-bound children which also allows them to have fun. If you plan to go there, make the most of it. Hire anything that has a 4-person capability for paddle boats, row boats, kayaks, pedal boats, and etc. 

Parramatta offers something for everyone and it’s impossible not to have something fun to do with the entire family. Have you picked anything from the list? We do you have fun on your family vacation! 

Author bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a resident writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta, one of Australia’s contemporary luxurious hotels that also offers a great historical experience for tourists. Ivandrea provides hotel tips and hacks for a blissful best vacation. 

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