safest cities to navigate on a wheelchair

The people limited to wheelchairs really feel depressed and uneasy. You may have a relative with a disability who may be limited to a wheelchair. This kind of people may require some extra support to get someplace. The wheelchair ridden people need some moral support along with the physical support. People who are limited to a wheelchair think that they are confined to the four walls of their home. This is not true since there are many cities around the world that are much more wheelchair friendly. There are thousands of people who visit these cities to seek adventures and make memories.

There are cities such as New York, Amsterdam, etc that has flat roads that are perfect for the wheelchair. The buildings in such cities are also wheelchair accessible along with the public transport system which makes it easier for people with disability to travel and cruise around the city. Even though these cities are overcrowded, people in wheelchairs can easily navigate through the streets. Here are some of the best cities to travel in a wheelchair.


Apart from being a romantic capital of the planet, Paris is a beautiful place to visit which are filled with classy restaurants, glamorous population, and some of the best vines in the world. The city of Paris also has clean and flat roads along with wheelchair accessible buildings, hotels, and restaurants. The famous iron tower of Paris well known as the Eiffel Tower is also wheelchair access to first two floors. So if you are planning to visit Paris along with someone in a wheelchair, then don’t hesitate.


Although Amsterdam is infamous for its drug laws, it has many historically significant places to visit such as the Van Gough museum. The streets of Amsterdam are completely clean and flat that is wheelchair friendly. The buildings and restaurants in the city area are also wheelchair friendly. The above-mentioned Van Gough museum is also wheelchair compatible where the entrance and the steps are specifically designed to support wheelchairs.


The London is a city of tea, biscuits, cold weather, and the Big Ben. The London city streets are really clean and are really accessible to wheelchairs. The famous places in London are also accessible to wheelchairs such as the Buckingham Palace, London Eye, British Museum, London Zoo, etc. If you are wondering that, the transportation to these places is a drag, then think again, because of the wheelchair accessible underground metro train tubes. Hence these places are simply great to visit and are 100% accessible to everyone.

New York

A city that never sleeps, this saying is right considering the streets and public transports which are completely wheelchair friendly. The New York City buildings and hotels are also wheelchair accessible that makes the stay and trip on people on wheelchair much easier. The trademark yellow taxicab of New York is also wheelchair accessible that can take you anywhere in the city. The famous Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty is also accessible by wheelchair which makes the trip to New York complete.

Regardless of the place that you live, you can visit these cities and make a great trip out of it. The airports are now also accessible to wheelchairs which makes the travelling more comfortable. You can take along your Lightweight Electric Wheelchair along which can be much easier to travel with on a long trip. Travelling the world is the best way to explore oneself. Hence, don’t let a wheelchair confine your adventurous spirit.

Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta is an experienced SEO consultant from India. He has worked on different niche website.

By Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta is an experienced SEO consultant from India. He has worked on different niche website.

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