Chennai a perfect example of a cosmopolitan city where there are people from different cultures and religion live in harmony and peace. Chennai is also known as the “Detroit of India” and even known as the “Cultural capital of India” which represents the balanced blend of culture and technology. The rich culture and heritage weren’t developed overnight and such ancient culture resides in Chennai. The history has shown some great time spans where the culture has flourished and the personalities who were responsible for it. The culture of South India is a vital part of Indian culture and Chennai being the cultural capital is a vital part of our heritage.

The roots of Chennai can be traced back to ‘Sangam Age’ or widely known as the golden age. Since then various dynasties and empires have taken control of Chennai such as the Cholas, Cheras, and Pandyans. They have ruled the lands of Tamil Nadu since the Sangam age. The culture of Chennai doesn’t only cover the dynasties that ruled, it also covers the music, literature, architecture, art, etc.

The architecture of Tamil rulers can be seen in the Temples constructed by them. The temples that were built at that time have sustained until now. Severe measures have been taken to maintain the sculptures that were carved during that time period. The temples that attract a lot of tourists every year are the Parthasarathy temple, Kapaleeswarar Temple, Ashtalakshmi Temple, etc.

Apart from the temples, there are many monuments from the British that have portrayed several foreign architecture styles. These monuments are now turned into museums that have preserved a lot of artefacts and relics from those time periods. UNESCO has declared Chennai as a World Heritage Site where you can see different structures representing different architecture. The Tamil Nadu tourism has also started promoting Chennai for its varied culture and tourist-friendliness feature.

Chennai at present is a fast-moving metro city where people are working to make it much more advanced and improve their standard of living in Chennai. Chennai is now surrounded by the vines of IT companies and automobile industries that is helping this city to step in the future. Even though the people of Chennai are embracing this new technological change around them they haven’t forgotten about their origin and their culture. Chennai sets an example for other cities in India and around the world to follow the divine and technology at the same level. This factor has helped them become the cultural capital of India.

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