It is an undeniable statement that India is really an incredible country and there is no doubt about it. Every state in India is unique in its own way, whether you look at it from the perspective of culture, language, people, traditions, or customs. It is a whole new world for every place you visit in this beautiful country. Whether you go to the south of the country or north, you will meet different people and you will witness different traditions and culture, but one thing is for sure that you will have the best experience regardless of the direction.

Most tourists choose the north of India to visit in search of spirituality and monumental sights. Although the north of India has varied culture and incredible sights to offer, your visit is incomplete if you don’t visit the south of India. The south of India is completely different than the north. While you will witness the devotion of people towards God in the northern parts of India, you will see the place where those Gods live, in the south of India.

Such a place in the south of India is Tamil Nadu. This state is known to offer incredible sights of nature to the tourists. If you haven’t visited Tamil Nadu then it is about time that you plan it. The Indian government is also pouring their funds to promote the potential tourism spots in Tamil Nadu. Many travel companies are also offering affordable Tamil Nadu tourism packages for the tourists who are eager to visit Tamil Nadu.

Here are some places that you should visit the next time you are in Tamil Nadu.


Your visit to Tamil Nadu will be surely incomplete if you don’t visit the capital. There are beautiful churches, classic monuments that are present since the British rule. The art, history, and culture that Chennai holds are worth visiting and enjoying.


Planning a romantic getaway? Hogenakkal is surely the best place to visit since it’s the hotspots for hopeless romantics. It is home to several exceptionally beautiful waterfalls in the country. Situated in Dharampuri, this little village is surely worth your time and effort.


The hotspot for art seekers, this place is an exotic tourist spot in Tamil Nadu. The main attraction in Kanyakumari is the “Trivenisangamam”. At this place the three different water bodies meet, those are the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean and the sight become more beautiful when the Sun comes to play with the sea. The sunsets and sunrises are definitely worth watching if you are in Kanyakumari.


The word “Beautiful” doesn’t even begin to describe the sights that this beautiful place has to offer. Enriched with dense forest and tall mountains and hills Kodaikanal is the incarnation of mother earth in a green outfit. If you are looking to reconnect with nature after a long time in the concrete jungle, Kodaikanal can be a great option for your quality time with nature and family.


Love for Carnatic music? You have landed in the place where the Gods of Carnatic music were born. Apart from music, Tanjavur offers beautiful temples, handicrafts, textiles, antiquities, etc. The best time to visit Tanjavur is from October to March when you can enjoy the incredible sights of Tanjavur at its best.


Ooty is definitely popular amongst the frequent tourists, often because of the beautiful natural sceneries that Ooty offers. It is one of the few hill stations that are on the list of a traveler’s bucket list. Ooty was originally formed by British rulers as their summer headquarters. The best time to visit Ooty is from March to June when you can see the weather of Ooty at its best.


Rameshvaram is one of the holiest places in India. Situated on an Island, it has one of the most famous Shiva shrines in India. As holy this place is, it is surely as peaceful. If you are looking for peace of mind then Rameshwaram is the best place for that. The best time to visit according to sources is from October to April.


Situated above a whopping 1,110 meter from the sea level, this place has amazing natural sights to offer. Yelagiri if filled with rose gardens, orchids, and green valleys that make it a perfect spot for couples to visit on their honeymoon. The best time to visit Yelagiri is between May to June and November to February to experience Yelagiri at its best climate.

While Tamil Nadu has surely much more to offer than these places, in the end, it falls upon your shoulders to discover the beauty and charm that this beautiful place holds. It can surely be agreed that Tamil Nadu is worth visiting that worth your time and money.

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