One of the most fun, exciting, and memorable things you can do during your stay in the emirate of Dubai is to go on a desert safari.

When you go on a desert safari, you will be captivated by the beautiful natural landscape of the Arabian Desert. You will also have a chance to explore and learn more about the city’s ancient Bedouin lifestyle and heritage. Lastly, there are a variety of exciting activities you can do here in addition to simply riding a 4×4 to explore the desert.

To ensure you will have a great and memorable time during your first morning desert safari in Dubai, here are six useful tips you should follow:

1.    Book your desert safari with a reputable tour operator

One of the most important things you have to do to enjoy your first desert safari is to choose the right tour operator.

Start by going online to read up on the different desert safari tour operators and the packages they offer. Check out the customer reviews not just on the operator’s website but also on other review sites as well. Check if the operator has all the necessary licenses and permits to operate, too.

Lastly, go over their offers and packages. Make sure you choose one that includes the activities you want to try and the specific services you require such as pickup and drop off at a convenient location.

2.    Sign up for all the activities you want to try

If you want to experience a truly memorable desert safari, make sure you try all the activities you are interested in.

Some of the most popular and fun activities you should try are:

  • Camel riding
  • Sandboarding
  • Quad biking

Also, if you plan on going for a desert safari later in the day, don’t skip out on the dinner barbecue and buffet if this is included in the package. While enjoying an amazing, scrumptious open air feast, you will be entertained by fire and belly dancers, and other uniquely talented entertainers.

3.    Wear cool, comfortable clothes

Once you have chosen your tour operator and package, you need to prepare for the safari. Start by choosing the right outfit to wear.

It is best to wear loose and cool clothes made of light fabrics to avoid sweating, feeling too hot and uncomfortable whenever you step out of the air-conditioned vehicle. To avoid being troubled by sand getting inside your shoes, wear sandals or flip-flops. Hiking boots are also recommended if you want your feet covered and if you already have a pair.

4.    Protect yourself from the sun

Even if you won’t be exposed to the sun for long periods of time during the safari, there is still a chance you may get sunburn whenever you step out of the vehicle. As such, apply sunblock on parts of your body that will be exposed to the sun before the tour starts.Make sure you also bring the bottle so that you can reapply it when needed. 

Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and a hat as well for better protection against the sun.

Lastly, to avoid getting dehydrated, bring a bottle of water and remember to take regular sips. If you will be offered refreshments, choose water or a caffeine-free beverage so that you will stay hydrated for a long time.

5.    Eat a light meal before the tour

Most desert safari tours include dune bashing (or if not, you can request to have this included in your package), a really bumpy ride. If you get queasy easily, you may get sick during this part of the tour.

You can avoid this uncomfortable feeling by eating a light meal at least two hours before the tour. It is also best to drink anti-nausea medicine (and put some extra in your bag) before you go on the safari.

6.    Make sure your camera and smartphone are fully charged

Lastly, to have plenty of keepsakes of your first desert safari, take lots of photos during the tour.

Before leaving for the safari, make sure your photo-capturing devices are fully charged. The Arabian Desert has a lot of scenic landscapes, magnificent campsites, and a breathtaking sunset. It would be a shame if you don’t capture them simply because your camera and mobile phone are low on power or have empty batteries. 

You can also bring a portable charger so that you can charge your devices anytime.

To make the most out of your first desert safari, follow the tips above.

If you’re not from Dubai, it’s not every day that you can just decide to go on a Dubai desert safari; more so if you’re from another country. By applying these tips, you can be sure your trip to the desert will be a comfortable, safe and truly unforgettable one.


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