6 Smart Grocery Items to Pack for Your Next Trip

Trips can be mentally and physically draining, especially if you often go on them alone, on business or for work, and you need to head to places that you are not familiar with. Therefore, it is important to be “armed.” You need to have all the essentials with you, and this should be easy if you’re taking a car for your road trip.

A map or navigator is important (particularly if you are exploring a vast country). Ditto with a first aid kit, as well as supplies to make sure that your car will get you to your intended destination.

You must not forget including sources of sustenance for your mind and body. You need to stay hydrated and nourished to ensure the safety of your trip. Avoid getting hungry because not only will you feel unwell when you’re famished, but you can also experience great difficulty in making decisions on the road, too.

So, what should you pack?

Listed below are six grocery items you should have with you on your trip.

1. Chocolates

These will provide you with enough energy to stay awake and alert throughout your road trip. Dark chocolate, particularly, is really good especially when you are feeling tired and stressed. They have caffeine to perk you up, plus they are loaded with antioxidants. Best of all, they come in bite-sized pieces so eating a few while driving is easy.

2. Bottled water

Staying hydrated is definitely a must when you’re on a trip, especially on a hot day. So, pack several bottles of mineral water or even fizzy water for a more refreshing drink. You need water to keep you hydrated so you can think clearly while on the road. Also, you need to make sure that you are properly washing down the treats you are munching on to avoid throat irritation.

Water is also crucial for the reason that you need it to clean things. Should you ever get a wound during your trip and there is no restroom of truck stop around, you can use the water you have packed to help disinfect it.

3. Fruit slices and salads

Natural food is always good to have with you for a trip. Fruits make healthy and refreshing appetizers, snacks, or desserts. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system up for the journey.

You do not have to ditch nutritious food such as veggies just because you’re in a time crunch or you’ll be eating in the car. There are pre-packaged fruit slices and salads that you can conveniently eat during the journey.

4. Wet wipes

These are not food but you certainly will have great use for them because of their versatility. You can use them when you need to go to the restroom, and when you need to clean your hands and there is no restroom in sight. You can also use wet wipes to clean containers and utensils, and wipe your face with them when you need to freshen up.

5. Corn chips

These are filling snacks that you can munch on while driving. Also, if you are going out camping, corn chips can complete your meals and even help you start a fire more easily. Light up a corn chip with a match and it is not going to burn up as quickly as sticks. It will stay aflame much longer.

6. Sandwiches

These are the epitome of a meal to-go. A sandwich can provide you with all the nutrients you typically derive from a basic meal. It can contain fresh vegetables, lean meats and, of course, bread. You can pack several sandwiches for your trip — make them yourself or buy packed options from the grocer such as tuna salad sandwiches, hamburgers, BLTs, and others.

The best thing about sandwiches is if you are on a strict schedule for the trip, you do not need to stop your car to have a filling meal.

You are Good to Go

All of these grocery items can last you a long time especially if you have a cooler in your vehicle. With all these items onboard, you will not go hungry and can just keep on going until you reach your destination.

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