Fishing is one of those activities that can be enjoyed by anyone at any time. No matter your age or experience level, all that you basically need is some basic equipment and know-how and you can head out as soon as you feel like it.

With a proper set of spinning rods, bait and other neat gadgets, you’ll, of course, be fishing in no time, so take your time when choosing them in order to have the best beginner experience.

In this article we will talk about all the basic things you need in order to have the best possible time fishing without prior experience.

Fishing Line

A fishing line is the most basic material that you’ll need in order to have a successful fishing trip. Typically, it’s ok to go for a mono or braid material, both of which can offer sturdiness as flexibility in order to achieve your goal.

The basic thing to know about a fishing line is that each of them is measured in pounds, so that’s how you can measure the strength.


Hooks are another key aspect of your fishing trip. The strength of the hook can often determine the success rate of your catch, especially when fighting more powerful, predatory fish species. 

Typically, a basic one is enough to start basic fishing, however, you will need to gear up furthermore along the way later.

All you need to know is that with hooks, there are some basic sizes. Either ask your local tackle shop or perhaps some of your close friends for advice.


Bait in its most basic sense is the food that you will be using to angle the fish with. Without it, naturally, it would be naive to expect any type of success when you are fishing. Worms are the most popular choice here, but maggots also work well in this situation.

More advanced anglers down the road tend to take on groundbait or artificial bait options that can be purchased from any of your local shop serving fishing equipment.

Of course, these are just the very basics that you’ll need to get you started. As you get more and more accustomed to your new hobby, you’ll try out different equipment, go for new species and so on. Surely, a good tackle shop can help you find everything you might need.

Where should I start my fishing journey?

You might be thinking, okay, I got what I need, so know what, where can I start fishing? Well, our advice is very simple – just go for the nearest body of water in your area, of course, with the proper preparation done first hand.

Ask your local tackle shop for some basic advice on where you can try your luck, without having much previous experience. Also, there’s the fact of permits as well. Many governments and local communities have a set of fishing rules in place.

Some of them include specific species that you cannot go for, limitation on how much you can fish, or a license that might be required.

We suggest getting accustomed to the local rules in your area and preparing not only the necessary items, but things like a fishing license so as to not encounter any problems down the road.

All in all

In this article we’ve talked about the very basic items that you might need in order to have a successful fishing trip. Having the right equipment is crucial for one’s success, however, any formalities such as documentation should not be overlooked as well.

With the right preparation, everything should go smoothly, so you enjoy your fishing trips for years to come.

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