Sensor taps are now one of the most popular products in washrooms, kitchens and rest rooms. Whether its home office or malls these automatic faucets are now found everywhere.

 They make the place gleam by providing a stylish interior to your washroom. The technology runs on electricity or batteries and is available in a variety of designs.

Why a sensor tap?

The first thing is that you don’t need to touch the sensor tap to use it. They are embedded with automatic sensors and to use it you just need to put your hands under the tap.

This doesn’t make your hands and tap dirty at all. This restricts the spread of germs and bacteria as well as keeps the surrounding clean, maintains hygiene and makes your washroom look the best.

The Best Automatic Taps with Sensor 

You will come across so many sensor taps online and offline. These are some of the most popular taps you will find.

Dolphy Sensor Taps

The automatic sensor tap from dolphy comes in a variety of shapes and designs. You get the option to choose your favorite design and install it in the kitchen or washrooms and use it without any worries.

The sensor taps from Dolphy are made from durable and long-lasting material that are non-breakable and rust-proof which makes it one of the right picks.

Buying Guide

  • You can go through the list and pick the suitable one.
  • Check the options online and offline and get on from it.
  • See to it, which one is convenient for you as some run on electricity and some on batteries.
  • They can be deck-mounted or wall-mounted from which you can pick the favourite.
  • Most important is price and you can get tons of sensor water tap price in India online. 

Franke Sensor Taps

The shiny and smooth finished sensor tap from Franke. They make the washroom look best and can be installed easily on the sink.

They are available in different shapes and models from which you can choose the desired one for your washroom or kitchen.

You can get a cheap sensor tap and also the costly ones as per the features and size.    

Buying Guide

  • Check the models and choose the one that is perfectly suitable.
  • There are some color and material options too.
  • Look at the features so that you can decide which one to pick.
  • They should be rust-free and waterproof.

Cera Sensor Taps

Cera also provides you a wide range of sensor taps that are embedded with different features making it one of the most relevant products for everyday use.

There are so many different designs and models of Cera with so many adjustable features that will yearn you to get one from it. It is difficult to choose one as each one of them are super attractive.

Buying Guide

  • The taps are convenient for both home and office premises. 
  • They have the most stunning and adoring designs
  • They are easy to install with low maintenance.
  • Their smooth finish and texture makes them the best.    

Jaquar Sensor Taps

The taps from Jaguar have a smooth and shiny texture and are made from strong and durable material such as stainless steel and brass.

The taps are available in both deck-mounted and wall-mounted models and you can choose your favorite one from it. Some of them have sleek designs and some are curved making a perplexing tap.

Buying Guide

  • Jaquar has the most relevant sensor water tap in India.
  • They are touchless and completely hygienic.
  • The taps are made from modern technology and unique features.
  • They are easy to install and maintain. 

Hindware Sensor Taps

Hindware is one of the popular washroom automation brands which provides you with a variety of products. If you are searching for sensor taps then you will find the best ones here.

The taps can be installed in washrooms, kitchens and bathrooms for an easy and convenient use. The only thing you need to do is to choose the right one for your place.

Buying Guide

  • They can be electrical or battery operated taps.
  • They are completely rust-proof and are made of a durable material.
  • Check your sink size before buying the tap.
  • They should properly match with the sink in your washroom.

Things you need to know before buying a Sensor Tap

You need to take care of certain things before you buy a sensor tap. Here is the buying guide to the best automatic sensor taps.


While buying the tap you need to choose a convenient design as per your sink size. The taps are available in simple and elegant designs and some unique designs as well which gives you the option to choose the right one.

They are available in different designs including tono, round and square models and you can prefer the convenient one.  

Sensor Precision

The water flow relies on sensor precision and so you need to check the precision before getting it for your bathrooms and kitchen. While installing in public washrooms you need to check the sensor precision so that you don’t need to change it.

Water Consumption

You also need to check the water consumption of the tap. It shouldn’t use a lot of water or waste water. In some of the taps you can adjust the consumption of water and prevent the wastage. As they are automatic there will be no risk of forgetting to close the tap.  

Power Supply

The sensor taps are operated with electricity and they are also battery operated. While buying it, you need to check out the usage and then get it.

Battery operated sensor taps are more convenient for low traffic areas whereas electric operated taps are perfect for high traffic areas.


Usually every sensor tap is easy to install and maintain but some of the models may even have something complex to install.

While installing the tap clean the pipes and nozzles properly so that no dirt or dust remains inside the tap and it works smoothly.


Each and every sensor tap differs in design and features. The sensor tap price also differs according to the features.

Go through all the details and features of the tap and then choose the most eligible one for your bathrooms.   

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